The Complete Book of Classic Dodge and Plymouth Muscle Cars

I have been asked by Motorbooks to write an update to Mike Mueller’s excellent book “The Complete Book of Classic Dodge and Plymouth Muscle Cars”. Mike’s book covers 1960 to 1974, but so much has happened at Dodge in the 21st century that Motorbooks wanted to add two more chapters on the 2006 to current Dodge Charger and 2008 to current Dodge Challenger. Mike did not want to tackle this project, so they offered it to me. I will also be photographing some of these cars for the books. I’ve admired Mike Mueller’s work for 30 years or more, and I’ve contributed some photos to his books over the years. It will be a challenge to match Mike’s always first-class work, but we both write with a similar “voice” and photograph in a similar style. This should be fun!

1974 Pontiac Super Duty Auction Analysis

Quite simply, the 1973 — 74 Trans Am Super Duty was the fastest, most powerful automobile from the company that built excitement. Tom Goad, Pontiac legendary Project Manager, said of the Super Duty, “These were by far the strongest-running production Pontiac V8s of all time, even with the low compression ratio required for lower-octane, regular-grade gasoline.” And when you have one, like Broad Arrow auctions did in March, preserved from new with all original equipment (down to the tires), it’s sure to set records.

You can read my review of this auction in the June 2023 issue of Sports Car Market magazine. Selling for $173,600, this was a smashing Super Duty sale.