Formula 1: Reborn in the USA

Since I was in Grade School I’ve had an interest in Formula 1 racing. Back then I had to read about these events two months after they happened in Road & Track magazine, but those stories transported me to exotic places like Monaco and Monza, and my heros Jim Clark, Jack Brabham, and our all-American driver and team, Dan Gurney. Over the years I lost interest until I could watch the races live on ESPN in the 1990s, following the exploits of the great Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari rebirth. Then it all became boring again, and the once beautiful machines becoming hideous, skate-wheeled monstrosities. That changed last year with the new ground-effects rules, plus the addition of Formula 1 races in Miami and later this year in Las Vegas.

The next issue of ⎘Linkage magazine (#014) features my cover story on the rebirth of Formula 1 in the United States and previews the Las Vegas event this coming November. You can find in newsstands later in September.