The Complete Book of AMC Cars

My publisher, Quarto/Motorbooks, has asked me to create a new book titled The Complete Book of AMC Cars. I will be co-authoring this book with American Motors authority Pat Foster.

This complete reference will cover all of the production cars offered by AMC from its founding in 1954 to its demise in 1988. AMC combined American postwar independent auto manufacturers Nash and Hudson and eventually spawned the Rambler and Metropolitan brands before offering cars under the AMC badge beginning in the mid-1960s. In 1970, in a key strategic move, they acquired Jeep and significantly resuscitated that brand over the next two decades ensuring a success it continues to enjoy today. AMC ceased to exist as a brand after it was acquired by Chrysler in 1988.

This book will be released next year in conjunction with a six-part documentary covering AMC’s history that Patrick Foster and partners are creating. Maryland Public Television has committed to airing it in the fall of 2024. I’m thrilled to be co-authoring this book about an amazing company and the automobiles they created!