Happy Birthday, Bob Lutz!

In Detroit they call him “Maximum Bob” for a reason. Robert A. “Bob” Lutz had successful careers at BMW, Ford, Chrysler, and GM, and I rank Bob along with John DeLorean as America’s greatest automotive leaders and innovators. At GM Bob had turned the Pontiac division back to profitability and it was quickly becoming “America’s BMW” with an all rear-drive performance-oriented lineup. GM’s bankruptcy killed Pontiac, unfortunately, but Bob’s vision was, as always, spot on.

In 2017 Bob graciously gave me an interview for our fourth book for Motorbooks, The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO. He later wrote the foreword for this book, and I will forever be grateful for his contributions. Today is Bob Lutz’s 91st birthday. Thank you again, and may you have many more birthdays to come!

The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO
The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO

1933 Alfa Romeo 2300

December in Wisconsin is usually freezing and dreary, but on this day in 1998 it was in the 60s, a rare event.

I picked my daughter up from Kindergarten and we photographed a neighbor’s 1933 Alfa Romeo 2300. His collection was comprised of Italian classics (mostly Alfas) with little or no restoration, just the graceful patina of time. He lived a few blocks away in a large 1920s home known affectionally as “The Castle.” 

Often we’ll search for hours for the perfect location to photograph a vehicle; on this day “The Castle” was perfect!

Sinar F1 4×5 camera, Schneider 210 Symmar lens, Fuji Velvia 50 film.


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